Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My day

Gigi has another ear infection, her fifth in six months. So, not so much sleep for me.... I didn't like sleep anyway....WHO DO I THINK I'M KIDDING? I LOVE MY SLEEP!!!!!

Just keep in mind this post is colored by my bleary eyed, lower caffiened state.

My three girls all celebrate birthdays within a two week span. They all received gift cards on Sunday to a store quite a ways from home.

Today was a good day to go, so I packed them all in the van and invited my mother and grandmother along. I leave the house and just as I am getting on the highway realize I have left the baby tylenol at home. Gigi is teething and has an ear infection, not to mention she had shots yesterday.....Needless to say I needed to have tylenol handy. I thought to myself that I could easily pick some up while I was out, but why waste the money when I have two bottles at home and we aren't that far from home....

I proceed to the nearest exit and at the end of the exit is a light. I want to turn right and the light is red. I look for traffic and turn. Then I see THE LIGHTS!! It is an officer of the LAW!! At this point my children are very silent, (Four children, silent in a minivan, doesn't happen all that often.) I rack my brain for a reason that I was pulled over......

Are all the children buckled in? ( I glance, yep!)
Do I have a taillight out? (Who knows, I'm not very often BEHIND my van when it's on....)
Was I speeding? (Hard to speed when you're accellerating after a stop light....)

You've probably already guessed there was a "no turn on red" sign that I missed. Not an exit I use very often and I was distracted thinking about the tylenol....

So the officer explains that to me, and I plead ignorance (which really isn't a defense). I would have plead for mercy, but I have a feeling it wouldn't have helped. Maybe if Gigi had been crying hysterically, HMMMM!!!

Anyway, while the officer was in his car filling out my citation, and checking my license, the boy makes me laugh.....

"Mom, are you getting a ticket?"
"Are you going to jail next time?"
"Hopefully there won't be a next time....(while suppressing giggles - I don't want the officer to come back to me laughing!!!)"

Officer approaches car and hands me the ticket and leaves.

me - "Well, there goes $70...."
Boy - "Great, there goes allowance for a lonnnng time."
me - giggle - "Not your fault, won't affect you"

When I called hubby - his response - "That was expensive tylenol!" NO KIDDING!!

Then I am supposed to pick up my mother, and we had a miscommunication, so I went to 3 places before finding her, the whole while dialing what I thought was her cell phone number and grumbling because she wasn't answering. I transposed numbers!!!!

The boy is the whole while in the backseat enumerating my "mistakes" for me....

"That's two mistakes, that's three mistakes..." I felt like I had "the Count" from Sesame Street in the backseat....

I throw back to him - "maybe I shouldn't have gotten out of bed" He replies "maybe not"

This is all before we even make it to the store......

The store is typical. Four children wanting to go 3 directions and wanting to spend more than they have, wandering, not paying attention....all which overwhelmed my mother and grandmother......

I was never so happy to get back home to the safety and confines of my "haven"

I'm exhausted!!!!!!

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