Friday, June 4, 2010

Take it From the Top

Adventures in Odyssey has entertained our family on many a car ride and evenings at home. We welcomed the opportunity to preview "Take it From the Top", a new 4 cd set with over 5 hours of programs. Adventures in Odyssey started in 1987 by Focus on the Family. It was the beginning of high-quality family audio entertainment with a message. This set continues that legacy and does not disappoint. These writers continue to come up with stories that are inventive and entertaining while teaching character lessons. My children couldn't wait to listen to each episode. The continued episodes always keep them on the edge of their seats.

From the back cover -
Get answers to the deep questions of life, like: Why would Eugene Meltsner shave his head? Why did the Parkers have a family meeting in the bathroom? How does a hole in a baseball glove change the course of a winning game? As you've come to expect from Adventures in Odyssey, the answers to those questions give practical lessons about responsibility, the meaning of true treasure, and God's calling.

These CDs were provided for review by Tyndale Blog Network.

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