Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vacation? The ugly, the bad and the good...

I know the phrase is usually "the good, the bad and the ugly" but I wanted to put the good at the end....

We decided last week to take advantage of the children's 4 day weekend off from school and take a mini-vacation.

The ugly:

Hotel noise, hotel beds, yada, yada....
Trying to take everyone out to eat all the time.....Why is it that every restaurant looks at you as if you're crazy if you say "3 children, 2 adults and a carseat"?
Dirty looks for nursing in public (even though there was complete coverage)
Me threatening the children within an inch of their lives when they don't want to spend time doing something Dad wanted to do on vacation - how dare I ask them to tolerate 60 minutes in a museum that Mom and Dad found interesting.....

The bad:

Children who start out asking "are we there yet?" 10 minutes from home.
The restaurant that brings us 3 dinner rolls for our party of 6 and informs they have to charge us for extras (even though they didn't carry thru on the threat)".
6 of us in a room about the size of my living room (along with our "stuff").

The good (negates both of the above):

The FUN we had! The things we learned! Spending time together without the pressure of the world on our backs!

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