Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ten things I learned on vacation

1. I like my bed and my house. For all my complaining about needing a new bed, it is mine. All the lumps and crevices belong to my body and fit me to a tee!

2. Those brake cooling pullouts on the way down the mountain should be used BEFORE your brakes catch on fire!)

3. I am a city girl. I don't like bugs (although I pretend to be interested when NiNi and the boy present one and ask for help identifying it), I love being 5 minutes from several variety of stores, and I absolutely loathe dusty gravel or dirt roads.

4. I do enjoy the quiet of the country with no neighbors within a stone's throw. (Maybe I can take up residence in a city park?)

5. Hotel swimming pools are often COLD. However the temperature and the blue lips accompanied by shivering does nothing to persuade my children that it's time to stop swimming and thaw out in the A/C in the room.

6. Those who say eastern Colorado and western KS are a hard drive, have you ever tried southern Wyoming? At least in CO or KS you see a clump of trees once in a while. WY was wild sagebrush and nothing else for miles and miles and miles and miles.

7. However badly mannered I think my children are in restaurants, there is always someone else who has it WAY worse.

8. McDonald's on a morning during the week is a land of old men who speak about prostrates and want you to sit in the playplace even though it's not open yet. (Yes, they did ask us!!)

9. I like my family. For all our quirks and tiffs over the week and a half, I wouldn't have chosen to do the trip with anyone else.

10. Riding in a "teacup" at 34 doesn't maker me any less nauseous than it did at 16!!

Of course there are others.....

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