Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What to blog about?

Homework? Nah...
Being tired? Nah...
relationships? Nah...

How about my evening? Why not?

After discussing surgery with a doctor this afternoon for 2 of my 4 children...

made dinner,
ate dinner,
sent hubby to rescue mom with flat tire,
disentangled baby from cinnamon gum that baby dug out of trash
listened to Sha Sha yell and run in circles on the patio because she was being "attacked" by a grasshopper,
listened to son yell and cry because he thought he was locked out of the house,
went over spelling words,
read with kids,
went over flash cards,
sent kids to bed.

No wonder I'm tired. (This was just between 6 and 8:30).

Now to veg......

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