Tuesday, December 15, 2009

People pleasing versus God pleasing

I have been dealing with this a LOT lately. So I thought I should share this Joyce Meyer devotional that I've been reading...

Our pastor made a comment this last weekend that also stuck with me. Being in God's will doesn't mean that we won't have difficulty. That isn't the way to determine whether or not we are in His will for our lives.

Sometimes, I believe we face MORE adversity when we are in God's will. We do have an enemy that doesn't want us there. An enemy who will do anything, use anything, to discourage us and keep us from walking in God's will for our life.


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Wendi said...

I completely agree! The sermon last week spoke to me, too!

S said...

Ditto, Gwyn. I've been journaling on this very thing. The weight of pretending for the sake of pleasing others. The addiction of approval. They'll end up being blog posts one of these days. Maddie usually leaves me alone if I am writing in a notebook instead of pecking away at the computer.
I tend to believe that if I'm pleasing God I would naturally be pleasing people, but that's not so. I hate learning that the hard way.

Christian Mommy Writer said...

I believe that people pleasing can sometimes get you outside of the will of God. I also believe that sometimes we can face more adversity when we start to line ourselves up with God's will and purpose. It's something to think about.