Friday, March 7, 2008

Laundry, Laundry, Laundry (you get the idea)

I decided last weekend that I had to DO something about our laundry sorting technique at our house.

Old technique:
1. Let everything pile up in rooms and on floors, etc.
2. Nag children to pick up and put in laundry basket.
3. Follow after them to pick it up when they don't listen to nagging.
4. Trip over piles in my bedroom, because children find it a good dumping ground when they do pick it up after nagging. After all, out-of-sight....
5. Have a marathon sorting....

New technique:
1. Laundry sorting bins in basement laundry room with color-coded signs(for those in the family that can claim being unable to read).
2. ONE laundry basket in each bedroom.
3. Residents of each bedroom are responsible for transporting their laundry to the basket and the basket to the laundry sorting bins, AND sorting it.
4. Laundry not in the sorted bins, doesn't get washed.
5. Laundry not picked up off the floor results in allowance penalties. (I am hoping to go negative here - maybe I'll get paid the next couple of weeks LOL!)

What I hope to accomplish:

No tripping in my bedroom when I get up blurry- eyed in the night.
Responsiblity for your own stuff.
A nicer looking bedroom, too....

What I've done so far:
Made a place for sorting bins.
Enlisted children to make color-coded signs.
Nag to get laundry picked up.
Gotten annoyed at bins falling apart.
Smacked my head on cabinet above sorting bins, while retrieveing laundry to wash. (Hard enough to get dizzy! - Although hubby would tell you that I am good at smacking my head on anything - we often discuss putting up caution tape!)

Anyway - the best laid plans always have a few kinks to work out.

Obviously, I have to still help the boy and do Gigi's as well as being responsible for mine and hubby's....but, training has to start somewhere....

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