Friday, March 7, 2008

What I found cleaning out the laundry room

In my last post, I mentioned our laundry sorting bins. In order to make room for them, hubby and I had to clean up an area in our basement.

This is what we found -

1. At least a dozen empty detergent, fabric softener or color safe bleach bottles. (We always forget to change this trash can on trash day.)
2. Lint.
3. Surprise beyond surprise - at least 2 dozen mismatched socks (of which, most mates were probably given up on, and therefore tossed, long ago).
4. A ski snowsuit given to us 2 years ago that is still too big for our oldest....
5. Old raincoat.
6. More lint.
7. Two tablecloths. I like to use them for special occasions and then wash them and they end up on the laundry line in the basement and then ?????
8. A sleeping bag and a couple of blankets.
9. Loose pocket change.
10. Spiderwebs! EWWW!
11. A "rumor weed" toy (Veggietales) that has probably been missing for over a year!
12. A teddy bear and stuffed puppy dog.
13. My basement floor!!!

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