Sunday, March 2, 2008

A regular Partridge Family and talents

Well, hubby is musically inclined. No mistake that God gave him an ear for music. The children are picking up some of it too, at least the enthusiasm, if not the talent.

It's really too early to tell. NiNi received an acoustic guitar for Christmas and is gung ho about learning. ShaSha is learning piano from Dad and today the boy informed me he wants to learn the drums!

Then NiNi explained to me that we are going to have a family band. Dad will play the guitar, too. (His most recent purchase - an electric guitar). NiNi generously offered the baby(Gigi) the moroccas (probably spelled wrong). When I asked who would sing, I was told that was my job. I graciously informed my daughter that God did not bless her mommy with an iota of musical ability and if she wanted this band to really work, she should look elsewhere for vocal talent.

She became serious and asked, "What ARE you good at?" What my insightful daughter didn't realize is that I have been struggling with this for the past few weeks. Feelings of inadequacy and direction (or lack thereof) and opportunities to put my gifts to work aren't exactly abounding at this season in my life. This blunt question from my daughter made me think and put voice to the talents God gave me. We are so caught up in a need to be humble that we sometimes feel like we are boasting, so we hold back. How is holding back helping anyone? How can our gifts be utilized if left hidden and unknown to those around us?

I realize that at this time in my life, my first obligation is to my husband and children and that the day to day just naturally presses in and takes over, leaving what we perceive as little opportunity to utilize our gifts. I know that I am imparting to my children, but as every mom knows, it is hard to impart, and impart, and impart, and give, and give, and give and feel like there is little fruit, or wonder if you are planting correctly. I may make no sense at all and this is more of a ramble than I first intended.....

Back to the family band - I told my daughter that I was fairly good at organizing things, to which she replied that I could be the manager!!

An aside..... When NiNi asked what I was good at - ShaSha piped up and said "cooking"! That put a smile on my face. If anyone would have told hubby 15 years ago that someone would think I was a good cook, he would have fell down laughing --- we ate Manwich, mac & cheese, Hamburger Helper and Pizza for our first 2-3 years......

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