Friday, October 17, 2008

The smell of fear

My little guy has a fear of shots. Even more than most. He does come by it legitimately, Dad doesn't love them either.

Anyway, when I took the kids in on Thursday for the flu shots, he was terrified. The older three actually got flu mist in the nose. That didn't matter to him. All he heard was flu shot and he hid under the sink in the room and hit his head. I dug him out of there and he hid under the exam table. I got him out from under there and he refused to climb up on the exam table.

After the nurse put the mist in the first nostril, he almost decked her. She reminded me of my grandma and I had visions of her falling and breaking a hip. I'm glad it worked out okay. We did give her fits. 4 kids, and 4 charts. 3 with flu mist, 1 flu shot. 1 with pinkeye. 1 immunization catch up. I hope she got it all charted okay....

I hope the boy outgrows this fear....or at least learns to deal with it.

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