Thursday, March 4, 2010

Revolve 2010 review

Heard of a Biblezine?
I had not heard of them until I received a copy of the Revolve 2010 Biblezine. It is the Complete New Testament in the NCV version in a magazine format geared specifically to teens. The colorful formats and designs would appeal to pre-teens and teens alike. Some subject matter including purity make me tend to think this is better directed at the early high school years. Side articles include advice columns on relationships and style. There are profiles for biblical characters in a "goodbook" format to mimic facebook. To an adult some content could be seen as "cheesy". I am all for ways to get the Word to teens and this seems like a new and innovative way. I think I would have loved a resource like this as a teenager and I imagine my girls will love it too (in a couple of years.)

Since 2005, more than 215,000 girls have attended a Revolve Tour event. For 2008-2009, the Tour has expanded to 16 cities and expects to reach 150,000 girls this year alone.

This Biblezine was supplied by Booksneeze (Thomas Nelson) for review.

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