Friday, July 20, 2007

Another day....

The baby had a rough night (translated: Mommy had a rough night). And of course son was still up with the sun at 6 am. Guess what - at 3 in the morning there is mostly Paid Programming on cable. I guess that is how they convince people to buy the contraptions or the music collections -- everything looks good at 3 am!! I finally settled for the O'Reilly Factor (is that the right name?) and after 1/2 an hour had a headache, with all that talking over each other....)

It must have been the VERY overripe banana that caused the son to get sick yesterday, because after the incident and a half hour or so of rest - he was his normal hyperactive self. I think he learned his lesson.

BTW - Have you noticed that the list of possible babysitters exponentially decreases with the increase in the number of children you have? Relatives even have to stop to think about it when you ask. I don't blame them! If you are not used to the chaos, it can take a lot out of you.

I guess we will try our plans from yesterday again today. Hopefully the furniture store parking lot cameras didn't record our escapade yesterday, and a security detail won't meet us today.....

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