Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I am not fond of nicknames. I don't know why exactly. Possible nicknames are always in mind when I pick my children's names. We nixed so many names with the kids because of name shortening nicknames. Needless to say - hubs has already dubbed the baby with one that the other kids are picking up on - and I cringe when I hear it. I'll probably be using it by next week....or next month, tops.

That all said I've finally dubbed the children with nicknames (for the purpose of the blog only, mind you!!)

9 yr old daughter - Sha-Sha
7 yr old daughter - Ni-Ni
4 yr old son - THE Boy
5 wk old daughter - Gi-Gi

Now let me explain -

Sha Sha and Ni Ni were nicknames THE Boy gave the girls when he was learning to talk and they stuck (only within the family). Despite my loathing of nicknames - I still use Ni Ni's frequently as an endearment.

THE Boy is self explanatory.

Gigi was hubby's idea. 5 wk old is very gassy and he said it should be G&G for Gas and more Gas. I won't tell her how she got this nickname - as long as you don't.


Chaos-Jamie said...

LOL! Come on, call her "the frog." Or maybe "frogette." Though I guess she'll outgrow her frog like tendencies any day now. And praise GOD she's not being a possum these days!

mommy4life said...

I'm sure we'll change it as her personality develops, I hope! I am thankful that the possum days have disappeared - even for only a while....

6 hours last night!! (although hubby heard her at 3 am - and I slept thru it - and she put herself back to sleep....)