Thursday, September 13, 2007

If I didn't have enough...

Well, I did it! I volunteered myself for two more things this week on top of my crazy life. I almost added a third today as well. I actually stopped myself today. One of the things I did committ to is a one time event and the other is a very short term project.

I am not sorry that I did it. Just a little nervous about doing justice to the situations. I want to do it to make things better for others in addition to myself.

Can you guess what my love language is? Yep...Acts of Service. And I assume everyone else is ministered to in the same way. (Not saying there isn't some selfishness involved, too. I also benefit from one of the projects...)

I was going to to a garage sale this Saturday, but a few things are getting in the way -

1) I sliced my foot open on a lego tonight and I am limping around pretty good. Kind of hard to organize a garage sale like that.
2) They are resurfacing our street tomorrow. Normally that wouldn't stop me. They did a couple of nearby streets today and I could smell it all thru the house and had a headache from the fumes. What will it be like tomorrow?
3) Weathermen have thrown rain possibilities into the forecast for Saturday.
4) Sleep. I am craving some and don't think I can give it up to stay up until 1 am Saturday trying to get organized.

Bless my sweet husband. He has by default been roped into one of these projects, and has not whined or groaned once (at least not in front of me). I guess he is remembering the phrase, "If Mama isn't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Thanks sweetie! I owe you one (more).

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