Monday, September 17, 2007

Things I hear WAY too frequently

"SOMEBODY'S poopy!"

"Oopsies!" usually followed by something like "Does silly putty come out of furniture?" or "Can I have another glass of red kool-aid?"

"He/She looked at me!! (whine added for emphasis)"

"So and so has one!!"

"Can we (insert your favorite)...
Watch tv/movie/cartoons?"
Play on the computer?"
Play a video game?"

"I can't concentrate ...can you make everyone be quiet?" (No easy task with 4 kids)

"Can I hold the baby?"

"Can I have a snack?" (meaning fruit snacks - which, face it, are not a snack....)

"Where's my (once again, insert your favorite)
gym shorts?"
soccer cleats, shinguards, socks, jersey?" (Just one or any combination of these....)

"Eew! I'm not hungry!" (With dinner staring them in the face....and five minutes ago they were clamoring for a snack).

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