Monday, November 10, 2008

Acrostic FUN!

NiNi is really into acrostics right now. You know where you list a word or name down the side of a page and then come up with descriptive words and phrases to describe it or them? Come on - You know Junior High class elections for example -

Vote for

T - Tenacious
O - Obnoxious
M - ME!

Anyway she was coming up with acrostics for everyone's name in our family the other day -

My favorite words to describe me - Graceful (I don't know who she is watching - but I would not use this one to describe my clumsy self), Young (What 30something doesn't want to be called that!), and drumroll please.... Nothing Wrong???? (Snicker...)

My favorite words to describe her Dad - Merciful (she pegged this one!), Radical (I thought this went out 20 years ago.), Computer Worker and Opposites. When asked to explain Opposites, she remarked - "That's you and Dad, Opposites....". Hmmm...

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