Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas shopping, er...Consuming?

I have always joked that I am a super shopper! I shop several stores and ads, I compare prices, I drive to multiple stores to skim clearance racks. So I have made Christmas lists for my 4 children (with their strong suggestions of course!)

Today hubby and I started our Christmas shopping. I frequently have done all the Christmas shopping in years past by myself, and I frequently do a lot of it on Black Friday. This year I decided it would be a good bonding experience to do it WITH hubby and start earlier. I am hoping this helps me keep spending under control!

So hubby and I visited our FAVORITE (yes being sarcastic) toy store today.

This is what I remembered. Hubby is a consumer! I am a shopper!

The distinction?

Hubby wants the list and wants to get the items put them in the cart, check out and go.

I want to peruse the aisles looking for the item the children didn't think of, but would love, compare prices with the other ads in my purse, ask the opinion of the salesclerk (which ironically today was her first day...), and then make sure we have the minimum purchase to receive the gift card for our next visit.

We did pick up a couple of items on The Boy's list. A new set of dominoes for us and the pink potty for Gigi (see Potty post earlier.) Oh yeah, and hubby bought a small nerf gun for the office.....


Liz said...

ha ha! I'm the consumer when I'm actually buying stuff. Sometimes I like to "pre shop" when I know I don't have the money now, but I'll have the money in say, a month, to buy clothes. So I'll spend a few hours preshopping - doing all the trying on, putting looks together, all the tiring stuff of shopping. Then when I have the money, it's a breeze.

I'm an odd sort.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I can relate!!!!! Loving the new look! Fun background.

Mrs. Nurse Boy