Monday, December 1, 2008

Living in the Dark

Please tell me - am I anal about details? Probably. Okay, honestly, Yes!

But how can you live in the dark - without the details?

For example, tonight hubby took the boy to his first basketball practice. When hubby returned I proceeded to ask the standard questions.

Here is our conversation in summary -

What do you think of the coach? Seems like a good guy.
Did you find out anything about a game schedule? Nope.
How many kids are on the team? I don't know. Maybe 8?
How many Kindergarten teams are there? I don't know?


About this time I realize I am not getting any info.....

If you want something done right - I guess you have to do it yourself...

By the way I also asked him to help remind me of all the questions that I quizzed him with while I typed this post...

Hey, I said I wanted to KNOW the details, I never claimed to REMEMBER them!


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I wish I could be of help, but NO I am not. I sort of had my hands full. Ironically, Mr. Nurse Boy's schedule has changed and he will be of no help for the two basketball practices each week. Oh, JOY! Anyway, since we have done this program before, I have sort of just hung on for the ride. I do know that games don't start until Jan. The schedules are probably not out yet. Like I said...I am NO help. Sorry!

Chaos-Jamie said...

There were at least 3 K teams there, but they practice three hours, four nights a week so there are probably more. Per team there are 10 kids. They play 5 on 5 and rotate every 6 minutes of game time so every kids plays every game. The coach seemed nice. Don't know him so who really knows? Games start after Christmas, about the second week of January. Always on Saturday.

But I, awesome mom that I am, dropped my boys and went grocery shopping.