Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Science experiment?

You may have noticed that I haven't blogged much the last couple of weeks. I even missed a couple of Menu Monday recipe posts (audible gasps all over blogland ignored).

Another confession, I haven't read many of your blogs either. (Okay, don't go egging my house or anything, nothing personal, K?)

I can come up with lots of excuses like -

A school fundraiser that occupied my time.

Family for Easter dinner. Therefore also, recovery from Easter dinner.

Sick kiddo.

Bad attitude.

But, so much for excuses, the truth is that I thought I needed a break from blogworld. I had convinced myself that "slacker mom" had emerged from blogworld and taken residence in my home.

Thus my science fair experiment is born.

Observation: I seem to be spending a lot of time blogging. My housework seems to resist blogging as a means of getting done.

Question: Is blogging and following blogs mutually exclusive from housework completion?

Hypothesis: If I take a break from blogworld, my time will be available to accomplish "stuff"!

Method: I took a break from blogworld and attempted to not let something else take it's place.

Result: I didn't get more done. I did get stuff done, but probably about the same that I would have even when I was blogging.

Conclusion: I miss blogworld! I miss my fans (all 3 of you)! I miss having some outlet besides hubby (who ignores half of my rants anyway!) So, watch out blogworld, I am back!


Sturgmom said...

I'm fairly certain that if I were to stop blogging/following I would get WAY more done. But it's a nice outlet and my household isn't suffering (too badly). ;)

Rachel said...

Welcome back!

Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

I was wondering what happened to you! Glad your back.

Veronica said...

Welcome back!

Lisa said...

I noticed you hadn't been posting much.
I also keep thinking that all this time on the internet is preventing me from getting stuff done. Maybe not though. I mainly read/post when I'm nursing the baby (which is nearly all the time, by the way.) I suppose there aren't many other things I could be doing, besides maybe watching more tv.

Chaos-Jamie said...


Heather said...

I couldn't stand to be away from blogland for too long; I miss everyone too much.

And you're right; this is the perfect place to rant and rave and brag and sigh and whatever, without worrying if the other person is paying attention or not.

So glad you're back!

Ronnica said...

It's always good to evaluate, but can't argue with your conclusions. Yay for blogging!

Lizzi said...

I've let blogging kind of become a major obsession of mine in the past... LoL, I've learned that moderation is key!! Welcome back to the blogging world!