Friday, July 18, 2008

The "D" Word

The Boy came running into the room today and told me that Gigi just said the "D" word.

I'm thinking, "Where did she hear that? and Where did you learn the "D" word?"

So I ask him, "What D word is that?" Knowing that I could be possibly asking for trouble....

He pipes up "Daddy".


Chaos-Jamie said...

I'm impressed he knows that is the D word. I don't think Frodo knows what a D is yet.

I have vivid memories of the day that everyone over the age of 10 thought Eldest said the "real" S word. Can't fault him for saying stupid when he hears it from me all the time. Not people, mind you, actions.

Nurse Boy said...

I was just informed that Bruiser taught the pre-school the I word. He just out of the blue said Idiot in class, and I guess the whole class started saying it. The M twins told him not to say it in church. D. Hul thought he should maybe not say it anywhere. You should maybe try to go the the opposite service as us.