Tuesday, July 15, 2008

new discovery

Gigi's most recent discovery is that there are things behind cabinet doors and in kitchen drawers. Even though she is sweet child #4, all the cabinets and drawers in this house don't have latches, since the boy was 2 when we moved here and he could care less about tupperware.
(Don't worry, anything dangerous is out of reach or locked up.)

So I am watching her clear out the tupperware cabinet every five minutes and putting it back. The advantage - I'm finding all kinds of things that have been "missing" since we moved in the house over 3 years ago! The lid to the cool tupperware snack cup, the insulated mug from the hospital that keeps drinks cold into the next millenium(even though the straw is a pain to clean), and lids to bowls I haven't seen in ages. She is my new "Flylady" helper.

It's also cute to see her "drinking" out of our huge plastic tea glasses!

Maybe I should help her dig out the stuff in the linen closet next....

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