Sunday, September 7, 2008

Come and Get It!!

I like cooking. Really cooking. Not just meal preparation. (We discussed the difference at a Bible study earlier this week). Lasagna, Cashew Chicken, Chili, Homemade Soups, etc.
But I only enjoy cooking when I can do it without a million interruptions and distractions. With 4 kids under the age of 10, that doesn't happen....

There are always tussles to mediate, homework to check, books to read, sippy cups to fill, a baby clinging to a leg screaming, a baby in a cabinet, someone crying because they scraped a knee, soccer clothes to find and wash, soccer practice to get to, etc.

SO, I resort to meal prep sometimes. We grilled hot dogs for lunch yesterday and being the frugal mom, I don't want leftovers to go to waste. Tonight we had macaroni and cheese with hot dogs and pears. When my children came to the table and saw dinner their response was, "This is the Best Meal Ever!!!!" Only if you are under the age of 10!!

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