Thursday, February 28, 2008


I think the boy has a future as a spy. I sent him to his room to take a nap today (more because I wanted one, than he needed one - I didn't get one, but that's off subject). Anyhoo, I went to check on him 15 minutes later and saw blankets shaped in the bed in a boy shape and thought he was buried underneath ( because he usually is). 10 minutes later I hear legos, unusual..... I open the door again and peek in, boy shape is still in bed. I open the door further and stick my head in. Boy shape may be in bed, but boy is in far corner of room huddled playing with legos.

I confront boy. "Did you make your blankets to look like you were in bed?"

With a sly smile "Yep".

Ugh!!! The little sneak.... But of course than I had to reprimand him for deception and then go into the other room and giggle at his inventiveness.....

If only it could be used for good instead of evil....

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