Monday, February 18, 2008

Mommy competition

Why is it that if your baby is close in age to another (like a month), that you compare notes on milestones? Does it really matter if your baby crawls first? Is a baby that crawls at 9 mos any less likely to go to an Ivy league college than a baby that crawls at 8 mos?

Yes the milestones are exciting, but I guess that as a mom of now 4, I realize that although exciting, everyone around me is not nearly as excited as I am about them (except maybe my other 3 kids....).


Chaos-Jamie said...

Come on, you know you are jealous that my baby, who is three months older than your baby, is walking!

Cause he can walk up to me and pull up on my leg and I can't trap him ANYWHERE! And I can't get ANYTHING done!

Eh, everyone wants to think their baby is a genius and if they can see any toe room to be closer to that than you, they take it.

Mostly I let people have their day. (And sometimes I secretly hope their next child is a biter or something so they have to eat a piece of humble pie. But that's just me.)

mommy4life said...

I actually would like her to crawl, but she is getting around and into trouble without doing a traditional crawl.

I do not envy those who have early walkers....especially the stairs.

I think that I will try to be gracious and indulge them. And smile and know that Gigi's twice as smart (haha).