Thursday, February 14, 2008

He did good!

Considering my attitude stinks lately.....

He did really well today! I probably didn't deserve how good he was to me.

First, a card with a LONG verse (not in character for him) and then he wrote the sweetest words of encouragement, filling the inside cover (which was not huge print, either) - Both out of character for hubby.

Roses at lunchtime and he took in my mother's bracelet to have baby #4 added.

Strawberry cheesecake came home with him after work. Yummy!

I finally got out of him what he wanted, which WAS some electronic device that I have no idea how or where to get it.....So I asked if he wanted to pick it out for himself.....He agreed. That was toooooo easy!

Now, for the ultimate romantic evening, we get to listen to Gigi scream herself to sleep, hopefully it will be less than 30 min tonight and we'll get to fall into bed before midnight.....

Ahhhhhh, the joy of shared experiences....

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