Thursday, February 28, 2008

Flexible as a steel rod

Yes, I am aware that steel rods are not flexible. Point made.

I am always telling myself and others that in order to be a mom of 4, you have got to be flexible.

And I'd like to think I am, I really would. But in truth, not so much.

I am a person who would like to plan her life daily for the next 30 years. "To do" lists are my friends. Schedules, calendars, all keep my life orderly. Maybe it is a need to "control" my environment. Actually, there is no maybe about it.

I'm not one much for surprises. This becomes all the more a realization when last minute events "pop up".

Don't give me 2 days notice for soccer practice (especially when it is a year to buy cleats!)
What are they going to do anyway, we've had so much rain/snow, everything is a swamp and it will be dark 20 minutes after they start!! Oops - off track again.

Exceptions to the surprise rule - coffee/playdates and of course, any good surprises from hubby - for example jewelry, flowers, chocolate.

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