Thursday, February 7, 2008


Never ends.

Pinkeye two weeks ago. Wash anything remotely textile.
Kids play in snow and get muddy yesterday. Wash all coats last night.
Kids go outside today to retrieve components of now melted snowman. Re-wash coats again.
Too bad that the "Moon vest" coats of the 80s aren't popular anymore. I could just wipe 'em down and be done. Even better, how about vinyl???? Maybe next time I'll wrap them in a shower curtain.....

Gigi also started to consume the Hyvee ad in her clean white coat today (much to the chagrin of the blue-haired ladies in the store). Needless to say her coat needs to be washed too - to get off the newsprint...or else a "blue hair" might mistake her for the $1.99/lb chuck roast!!

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