Sunday, August 9, 2009

Staycation Day Four

Lesson learned today - stay flexible (and no, I don't mean physically)! We had planned on going fishing today and then going to a free outdoor concert this evening. However, the 100 degree weather was not conducive to happy parents or children outside all day. So we made a visit to a local museum of History. It was free and OK. Not great, not bad, just ok. They did have some hands on exhibits for the kiddos that they enjoyed. One was a stage with props and curtains. We enjoyed a show or two!!!

One humorous anecdote - Gigi is afraid of chickens! There were several stuffed chickens in the museum and she screamed and ran when she saw them, chanting, "I skared mommy! Chicken skary!" Made the rest of us giggle...

Then we had ice cream cones and tried really hard to see who could finish theirs without dripping ice cream all over their clothes! LOL

Once again pics weren't allowed in the museum. Sorry. Then NiNi and I did a little shopping and after dinner we all sat down to watch a video.

Low key family togetherness and lots of fun. Big day tomorrow!!!!


Kimberly said...

Chickens scare me too!

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Sounds like a nice way to spend a day in the heat! Send some hot weather over here please, it is pouring of rain today!
Collette xxx

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Sounds like fun! Anytime the family can just spend time together without distractions is always a win/win... even if it is 105 degrees outside!

Mrs. Nurse Boy