Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Actual conversation

Ni Ni and the boy were having a conversation with me about family relationships yesterday.

This is basicly how it went -

"Uncle Steve is your brother?" (names changed to keep me from being in trouble...)
giggles inserted here
and "Grandma Sally is your mom?"
and "Grandpa John is your dad?"
"Why don't they live together?"
"Mommy's parents aren't married anymore?"
"Why not?"

What followed was my best explanation of what divorce is.

Ni Ni pops in and says "I know why it's bad for people to divorce and then marry someone else?"

Curious, I ask "Why?"

With a grimace on her face she replies "Because when you get married you kiss each other on the mouth and if you then marry someone else you can pass on germs!!!"

I hope she still has this attitude about kissing when she's 18....make that 25!

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