Friday, August 10, 2007


Our trip out yesterday morning went quite well. We had to go to 2 banks, drop off paperwork 2 places and finish school shopping. We also made a quick trip to the thrift store. Gigi slept thru all the errands. We were out about 3 hours. All the moms sigh with me! Then, Gigi stayed up most of the afternoon and crashed about 8 pm. So I felt like I didn't get a lot accomplished yesterday afternoon around the house.

I just have to readjust to having a baby around who depends so much on me. I had gotten so use to the older kids being so self-sufficient.

The start of school for all the kids is consuming our time. Soccer practices also start the same week. Sha Sha has practice every other Monday and every Thursday. NiNi has long practices on Tuesday, and The Boy starts clinics on Saturdays.

If you don't see much of us, you'll know why....

Gotta go get a load of laundry in and grab a cup of coffee before Gigi wakes up and wants to eat....

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