Tuesday, August 21, 2007

what did they do before the internet?

Sha Sha and I were out alone together this last weekend and she was full of questions about everything. Needless to say, questions that I did not have an adequate answer for. I liked it when my answers sufficed and she thought I was the smartest person in the world. I know it is vain and selfish, but who doesn't want their child to think those things about them.

Anyway, we used the internet later that day to look up answers and she was happy. I learned a few things too.

Did you know that the color of a fire hydrant indicates the water flow per minute from said hydrant? Did you know that hurricanes used to be named after just women and before that, just identified by the latitude and longitude? How about that the abbreviation lbs. for pounds comes from the Latin word libra?

And the children shall lead us....

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Chaos-Jamie said...

I wondered that about fire hydrants. In high school I painted hydrants for a service project and I thought it was weird that we were supposed to use specific colors for specific hydrants. Interestingly I never bothered to ask why.