Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I feel like we accomplished very little today.

In truth - we actually accomplished a lot.

As the educator, we all watched a good-sized spider disassemble her web on the outside of our patio door. (I've never seen that...) Supervision of homework.

As the taxi driver, trips to school and preschool to drop off, trip to preschool to pick up, trip to gas station, trip to store to buy tools to fix car, trip to doctor for shots, trip to school to pick up, trip to auto shop to drop off car to be fixed.

As the comforter, for a 2 month old who didn't deal well with shots.

Not to mention, ironing school clothes, feeding the baby every 2 hours (part of the comforting), making lunches, etc.

After reading that - Now I'm exhausted, but feeling better about the laundry that didn't get done today..

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