Saturday, August 25, 2007

A good laugh

A Merry heart doeth good like medicine, right?

I snuck a bite of meat at dinner as I was dishing up dinner tonight. NiNi saw me and said - "Don't eat it all" - As if I always eat everything and never leave anything for them.... It added to my bad mood...

Then, I made a comment to Hubby that everything looks better with a little sleep. To which NiNi replies "It also looks better with your glasses on." (Enter rimshot here).

I laughed so hard!! I told her I loved her and she looked at me like I belonged in a straightjacket!

Hubby then told her that she had been redeemed. To which she replied, "By the blood of the Lamb."

Thank you God and NiNi for a good laugh. I needed it!

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