Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Got me some skillz

You know you're a momma if -

You can sleep with your eyes open while standing up and folding laundry and a toddler hanging on your leg.
You can know who hit who just by the sound of the argument and who said "Don't tell Mom, I'm sorry!"
You know how the spelling test went by the look on the child's face at pick-up time on Friday.
You can help create a class project the night before it's due with toothpicks, styrofoam and a handy dandy glue gun.
You can function on 5 hours of sleep in three days (Hey, I'm not saying it's without caffiene or energy drinks!)
You can find the missing shoes, books, hair clips and basketball uniform in 10 minutes flat. (After your children have been looking for them for hours!)
You can check blogs, facebook, email, drink coffee, & hold a sick baby watching "Barney" all at the same time.
You can interpret a rambling from your whining 19 month old sick child into something that actually makes some sense.

Gotta go and brush my teeth while doing the dishes...


Heather said...

That couldn't be more true!

Michele said...

This is great. Love the one about blogging. Very cute.

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Right on, sister! We moms are awesome!