Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolutions - No! um er call em goals

I tend to have a hard time keeping "resolutions". So I like to call them goals! Difference only in terminology, maybe, but the connotation of the word "resolution" makes my stomach roll.

My goals for the year -

Limit spending.
Reach out to more people around me and really get to know them.
Eat only when hungry.
Exercise more (even if it's only Wii Fit!) BTW - I really love the yoga poses, who knew?
More QUALITY alone time with hubs (maybe not out somewhere as sitters can be expensive - but also not parked in front of the tv all the time).

Hopefully putting them here will help me revisit and re-evaluate. Maybe you all can help keep me accountable too?

Happy 2009! Here we goooooooo!!!!!

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